Primary server

In the Primary server tabbed page, you enter the details needed to contact the computer from which Sophos AutoUpdate will usually download updates of Sophos Anti-Virus. These details are available from your administrator.

Note graphic If the options on this page are grayed out, your administrator has already entered the details for you. You cannot change them.

Primary server configuration page

Enter the Address (UNC path or web address) from which Sophos AutoUpdate will usually download updates. If the computer will update directly from Sophos, click the drop-down arrow and select Sophos. Otherwise, type the address. UNC addresses must be in the form \\Servername\Sophos\.

If necessary, enter the User name for the account that will be used to access the server, and then enter and confirm the Password.

Note graphic If the User name needs to be qualified to indicate the domain, use the form domain\username.
Note graphic For NDS networks, enter an NDS fully distinguished user name in the form [Account]|[Tree]|[Server]. The account needs read and filescan permissions.

If you want to configure the connection settings, click Advanced.

If you access the internet via a proxy server, click Proxy Details. Note that some internet service providers require web requests to be sent to a proxy server.