If Security Essentials detects software on your computer that has not yet been classified for risks, you might be asked to send a sample of the software to Microsoft SpyNet for analysis. When you're prompted to send a sample, Security Essentials displays a list of files that can help analysts determine if the software is malicious. You can choose to send some or all of the files in the list.

To send files to Microsoft SpyNet

If Security Essentials detects a file or program on your computer that might be malicious or harmful, you can send it to Microsoft.

To submit a malicious software sample

  1. On the Help menu, click Submit malicious software sample.

  2. The Microsoft Malware Protection Center site opens. Follow the instructions, and submit the sample.

To report software that might be incorrectly classified

If Security Essentials alerts you about software that you don't believe is malicious or unwanted, you can report the problem to Microsoft by completing the False Positive Report Form on the Microsoft Website.

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