AntiVir Updater

The AntiVir Updater can send notifications by email to one or more recipients for certain events.

AntiVir Updater

Email alerts

If this option is enabled, AntiVir Updater sends email messages with the most important data when a certain event occurs. This option is disabled by default.   

Email messages for the following events




Enter the email address(es) of the recipient(s) in this box. The individual addresses are separated by commas. The maximum length of all addresses together (i.e. the total character string) is 260 characters.

The following events caused warning messages to be sent via email, if email notification was configured in has been configured:
A product update is required for every further update of AntiVir Server.
An update of the scanning engine or of the virus definition file could not be carried out as a product update is necessary.

These warning messages are sent irrespective of your settings for email warnings of the AntiVir Updater.