Enable network alerts

If this option is enabled, network alerts are sent. This option is disabled as the default setting.

To be able to activate this option, at least one recipient must be entered under General :: Alerts :: Network.

Message to be sent

The window shows the message sent to the selected workstation when a virus or unwanted program is detected. You can edit this message. A text may contain a maximum of 500 characters.

You can use the following key combinations for formatting the message:

Inserts a tab. The current line is indented by several characters to the right.

inserts a line break.

The message can include wildcards for information which was found during the search. These wildcards are replaced by the actual text when sent.

The following wildcards can be used:


contains the name of the detected virus or of the unwanted program


contains the name of the logged in user carrying out the Scanner




The button restores the predefined default text for an alert.