File server

In the case of more than one workstation in a network, Avira AntiVir Server can download an update from a server in the Intranet, which in turn obtains the update files from the Internet. It can thus be ensured that the Avira AntiVir Server is up to date on all workstations.

The Configuration heading is only enabled if under Settings::Update::Update the via File Server / Share option has been selected.


Here you enter the path in which the current files of Avira AntiVir Server are located on the server.

The button opens a window in which you can select the required download directory.

Server Login

Login name

Enter your login name on the server here.

Login password

Enter the relevant password for logging in on the server here. For security, the actual characters you type in this space are replaced by asterisks (*).

If you do not specify any data in the Server login section, no authentication on the file server will be accomplished during access. In this case sufficient user rights have to be stored on the file server.