The Scanner has a comprehensive reporting function. You thus obtain precise information on the results of an on-demand scan. The report file contains all entries of the system as well as alerts and messages of the on-demand scan.

So that you can establish what actions the Scanner has carried out when viruses or unwanted programs have been detected, a report file should always be created.



If this option is enabled, the Scanner does not report the actions and results of the on-demand scan.


When this option is activated, the Scanner logs the names of the files concerned with their path. In addition, the configuration for the current scan, version information and information on the licensee is written in the report file.


When this option is activated, the Scanner logs alerts and tips in addition to the default information.


When this option is activated, the Scanner also logs all scanned files. In addition, all files involved as well as alerts and tips are included in the report file.

If you have to send us a report file at any time (for troubleshooting), please create this report file in this mode.

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