Further actions

Launch program following detection

After the on-demand scan, the Scanner can open a file of your choice (for example a program) if at least one virus or unwanted program has been detected, for example an email program, so that you can inform other users or the administrator.

For security reasons it is only possible to start a program after a detection when a user is logged on the computer. The file is then opened with the rights that apply to the logged on user. If no user is logged on, this option is not carried out.

Program name

In this input box you can enter the name and the relevant path of the program that the Scanner should start after a detection.

This button opens a window in which you can select the desired program with the aid of the file selection dialog.


In this input box you can enter command line parameters for the program to be started if necessary.

Event log

Use event log

If this option is enabled, an event report with the results of the scan is transferred to Windows event logging after a Scanner scan has been completed. The events can be called up in the Windows event viewer. The option is disabled as the default setting.