Avira AntiVir Server

All servers entered are displayed with status information in the parent node of AntiVir Server Console. You can add servers to AntiVir Server Console via the context menu.

Status of a server


Display name of the server and the connection status of the server

Server connected

Server disconnected

Avira AntiVir Server is attempting to make a connection to the server



Warning messages on the connection status, on the version of AntiVir Server , on the status of Guard

Engine version

Version of search engine

VDF version

Version of the virus definition file

Last update

Date of the last update

Context menu

New :: Add server

The window Add computer opens. Enter the IP address or the computer name of the server here as well as a display name for the server. If you do not enter a display name, the IP address of the computer on which Avira AntiVir Server is running is set as the display name. When adding the server, AntiVir Server Console attempts to connect to the AntiVir Server.

The Avira AntiVir Server service on a server to be protected can only connect to an instance of AntiVir Server Console. If you attempt to connect to a server that is already connected to another AntiVir Server Console, the connection fails.

All added server connections are stored on the AntiVir Server Console under the name of the registered user. After the AntiVir Server Console has been started, the local server and those severs added by the registered user are displayed.