On the node of a connected server, status information on this server can be called. In the context menu of the server you can start other actions such as updates, make and end a connection to the server et cetera.


Status of the connection to the server

Context menu

Update remote console

An update of the AntiVir Server Console has been initiated.  The update file are transferred from the connected server.

The menu entry is hidden when the Avira AntiVir Server and AntiVir Server Console are installed on the computer. In this case, the AntiVir Server Console is updated along with a product update of Avira AntiVir Server.

Start update of the product

A product update is started.

Update license file

A window opens in which you can download a new license file.

Load configuration again

The configuration of the Avira AntiVir Server service on the server to be protected is reloaded.

Always carry out this option if new software products have been installed on the server to be protected. In this case it is necessary for the configuration of the Guard, in particular the configuration of the products to be excluded, to be reloaded. If the configuration of the Guard is not reloaded, this may lead to problems.

Display report file

The report file with the log entries of the Guard and of the Scanner is opened.

Rename server

A window opens in which you can enter a new server name. The name given here is only the display name of the server in the AntiVir Server Console.

Disconnect server

The connection of the AntiVir Server Console to the server is ended.

Connect server

A connection is made to the server.

Delete server

The connection data of the server is deleted from the AntiVir Server Console.

After installation and after every reboot of the computer, your own system is automatically added by AntiVir Server Console (Local Host / as a server to be protected, even if no AntiVir Server service is installed. You cannot permanently delete the local host server to be protected.