User interface: AntiVir Server Console

The Avira AntiVir Server service that is installed on the servers to be protected is administered via AntiVir Server Console. AntiVir Server Console is a snap-in of the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). You can create any number of servers to be protected on AntiVir Server Console in order to configure and monitor them on AntiVir Server Console.

Please note that only the proprietary elements of AntiVir Server Console are documented in this help. For information on the MMC and on manual integration of a snap-in, please refer to the user's manual or the online help of the operating system.

Starting and ending AntiVir Server Console

Start AntiVir Server Console via the link Avira AntiVir Server Remote Control in the Windows Start menu or under Programs. You can also load AntiVir Server Console directly in the MMC. You can find the pre-configured AntiVir Server Console in the installation directory of AntiVir Server Console. To end AntiVir Server Console, you must close MMC.


Overview of AntiVir Server Console

Avira AntiVir Server

The local AntiVir server and all AntiVir severs added by the registered user are displayed on AntiVir Server Console.



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