Before installing Avira AntiVir Server, certain conditions must be met:

Types of use

Detailed information on types of use can be found under Licensing concept.

Installation types

During installation you can select a setup type in the installation assistant:


AntiVir Server is fully installed with the Avira AntiVir Server and the console AntiVir Server Console. No destination folder can be selected for the program files to be installed.


  You can select whether you want to install the Avira AntiVir Server service and/or the console AntiVir Server Console . A target folder can be selected for the program files to be installed.

Carry out installation

How to install AntiVir Server:

Avira AntiVir Server uses runtime libraries of the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 - Redistributable Kit. To use AntiVir Server, Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 - Redistributable Kit must therefore be installed.

If you have installed the Avira AntiVir Server service, a configuration wizard opens after the installation has been completed. You have the option of configuring the most important settings of the installed Avira AntiVir Server service.

After installation, your own system is automatically added by AntiVir Server Console (Local Host/ as a server to be protected, even if no AntiVir Server service is installed.

If you want to add or remove program components of the current AntiVir Server installation, use the setup of AntiVir Server.