Parameter of the file setup.inf

In the control file setup.inf, you can set the following parameters in the [DATA] field for the automatic installation of Avira AntiVir Server. The sequence of the parameters is unimportant. If a parameter setting is missing or wrong, the setup routine is aborted and an error message is displayed.


Destination path, in which Avira AntiVir Server is installed. It has to be included to the script. The environment variable cannot be used.

Example: InstallPath="%PROGRAMFILES%\Avira\AntiVir Server\"


AntiVir Server will be installed with the license. If you enter the file name only, the license file will be searched in the source folder of the setup only.

Example: LicenseFile="A:\hbedv.key"


If a restart of the system is required after the installation, this can be carried out automatically (standard) or a message box is displayed.

0: Disabled (restart with Message Box)

1: Enabled (automatic restart)


Deletes the configuration during deinstallation

In the [FEEDBACK] section the setup enters error codes and error test which are reported by the setup:

Example: ErrCode=0
ErrMsg=Product was installed successfully