The effectiveness of anti-virus software depends entirely on the scanning engine and the virus definitions being up to date. For this reason, regularly download updates for AntiVir Server from our download servers. To carry out regular updates, the component AntiVir Updater is integrated in AntiVir Server. AntiVir Updater is updating the following program components:


On the AntiVir Server Console under Scheduler you can create update jobs that are carried out at the specified intervals by AntiVir Updater. With every update order, the status of the virus definition files and the scanning engine is checked and updated if necessary, product updates are carried out in accordance with the configuration. On AntiVir Server Console you can start a product update manually in the context menu of a server node. A restart of the system after an update is required only after a product update.


You can obtain updates via the following servers:



When using a Web server, the HTTP protocol is used for the download. When using a file server, access to the update file is provided via the network. You configure the update on the AntiVir Server Console.

You can use AntiVir Internet Update Manager (file or Web server in Windows) as a Web or file server on an intranet. AntiVir Internet Update Manager mirrors the download servers of AntiVir products (e.g. AntiVir Server) and can be obtained on the internet at http://www.avira.com. However, you can also update AntiVir Server by cascading via a central fileserver in the Intranet on the servers to be protected.