Configuration :: Overview

This section contains all the information you need to configure Avira AntiVir Premium and ensure optimal computer use.

Overview of configuration options

The following configuration options are available:

Scan options

Action on detections

File scan options

On-demand scan exceptions

On-demand scan heuristics

Report function setting

Scan options

Action on detections

On-access scan exceptions

On-access scan heuristics

Report function setting

Scan options: Enable the monitoring of POP3 accounts, IMAP accounts, outgoing emails (SMTP)

Action on malware

MailGuard scan heuristics

MailGuard scan exceptions

Configuration of cache, empty cache

Report function setting

Scan options, enabling and disabling the WebGuard

Action on detections

Blocked access: Unwanted file types and MIME types, Web filter for known unwanted URLS (malware, phishing, etc.)

WebGuard scan exceptions: URLs, file types, MIME types

WebGuard heuristics

Report function setting

Configuration of email using SMTP

Extended risk categories for on-demand and on-access scan

Password protection for access to Control Center and Avira AntiVir Premium Configuration

Security: Update status display, full system scan status display, product protection

WMI: Enable WMI support

Event log configuration

Configuration of report functions

Setting of directories used

Update:  configuration of connection to download server, set-up of product updates

Configuration of acoustic alerts when malware is detected

Expert mode

If this option is enabled, you obtain access to all available configuration options for Avira AntiVir Premium. If the option is disabled, only greatly simplified setting options are accessible.

Enabling of the expert mode can be protected with a password.

If expert mode is disabled, the following configuration sections are available:




Default values

All settings of the configuration are reset to default values. All amendments and custom entries are lost when default settings are reset.


All the settings made are saved. The Avira AntiVir Premium Configuration is closed.

Depending on option settings, you must have administrator rights on Windows Vista.


Avira AntiVir Premium Configuration is closed without applying the settings made in the configuration.


All the settings made are saved.