Configuration :: WebGuard


WebGuard includes an extensive logging function to provide the user or administrator with exact notes about the type and manner of a detection.


This group allows for the content of the report file to be determined.


If this option is enabled, then WebGuard does not create a log.
It is recommended that you should turn off the logging function only in exceptional cases, such as if you are executing trials with multiple viruses or unwanted programs.


If this option is enabled, WebGuard records important information (concerning detections, alerts and errors) in the report file, with less important information ignored for improved clarity. This option is enabled as the default setting.


If this option is enabled, WebGuard logs less important information to the report file as well.


If this option is enabled, WebGuard logs all available information in the report file, including file size, file type, date, etc.

Limit report file

Limit size to n MB

If this option is enabled, the report file can be limited to a certain size; possible values: Permitted values are between 1 and 100 MB. This option is activated by default with a value of 1 MB. Up to 50 kilobytes of extra space are allowed to minimise the use of system resources. If the size of the log file exceeds the indicated size by more than 50 kilobytes, then old entries are then deleted until the indicated size minus 50 kilobytes is attained.

Write configuration in report file

If this option is enabled, the configuration of the on-access scan is recorded in the report file.