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Locked requests

In Locked requests you can specify the file types and MIME types (content types for the transferred data) to be blocked by WebGuard. The Web filter lets you block known phishing and malware URLs. WebGuard prevents the transfer of data from the internet to your computer system.

File types / MIME types to be blocked by WebGuard (user-defined)

All file types and MIME types (content types for the transferred data) in the list are blocked by WebGuard.

Input box

In this box, enter the names of the MIME types and file types you want WebGuard to block. For file types, enter the file extension, e.g.  .htm. For MIME types, indicate the media type and, where applicable, sub-type. The two statements are separated from one another by a single slash, e.g. . video/mpeg or audio/x-wav.

Files which are already stored on your computer system as temporary internet files and blocked by WebGuard can however by downloaded locally from the internet by your computer's internet browser. Temporary internet files are files saved on your computer by the internet browser so that websites can be accessed more quickly

The list of blocked file and MIME types is ignored if they are entered in the list of excluded file and MIME types under WebGuard::Scan::Exceptions.

No wildcards (* for any number of characters or ? for a single character) can be used when entering file types and MIME types.

MIME types: Examples for media types:

Examples: Excluded file and MIME types

Add rule

The button allows you to copy MIME and file types from the input field into the display window.


The button deletes a selected entry from the list. This button is inactive if no entry is selected.

Web filter

The Web filter is based on an internal database, updated daily, that classifies URLs according to content.

Enable Web filter

When the option is enabled, all URLs matching the selected categories in the Web filter list are blocked.

Web filter list

In the Web filter list you can select the content categories whose URLs are to be blocked by WebGuard.

The Web filter is ignored for entries in the list of excluded URLs under WebGuard::Scan::Exceptions.

Spam URLs are URLs sent with spam emails.  The Fraud and Deception category covers web pages with “Subscription Expires” and other offers of services whose costs are hidden by the provider.