Detection :: Detection in Mailbox

If viruses are detected by Scanner and Guard , you will receive an alert if you have selected interactive mode or automatic mode as the action mode for virus detection with the Display Alert option (see the configuration sections Scanner::Scan::Action on detection and Guard::Scan::Action on detection ). If an affected email is detected in a mailbox during an on-demand scan (scan Scanner) or on-access scan (scan Guard) , you will receive the alert shown below.

Affected files in a mailbox are not repaired or deleted!

Alert message

Displayed information

The name and path of the mailbox in which the virus or the unwanted program was detected are displayed in the window. In addition, you receive a message that access to this file is allowed.

Buttons and links

Button / link


With this link - and with an active Internet connection - you can access an Internet page with further information on this virus or unwanted program.

This page of the online help is opened via this button or link.