Detection :: WebGuard

If viruses are detected by WebGuard, you will receive an alert if you have selected interactive mode or automatic mode as the action mode for virus detection with the Display Alert option (see the configuration section WebGuard::Scan::Action on detection). In interactive mode you can choose what to do with the data sent by the web server in the dialog box . There is no selection option for handling the detected virus in automatic mode with alert. The action that was automatically executed is displayed in the message.

The dialog shown below is a message about the detection of a virus in interactive mode.

Alert message

URL and name of the currently detected virus and/or unwanted program

The URL and name of the currently detected virus or unwanted program is displayed in the middle window of the message view.


If the detection is a heuristic hit (HEUR/), an unusual runtime compression tool (PCK/) or a file with a hidden file extension (HEUR-DBLEXT/), only the options Move to quarantine and Ignore are available in interactive mode. In automatic mode the detection is automatically moved to quarantine folder.
This restriction prevents the detected files, which may be a false alarm, being directly removed (deleted) from your computer. The file can be recovered at any time with the aid of the Quarantine Manager.

Deny access

The website requested from the web server and/or any data or files transferred are not sent to your web browser. An error message to notify you that access has been denied is displayed in the web browser. WebGuard logs the detection to the report file if the report function is activated. WebGuard also appends an entry to the event log if the relevant option is enabled.

Move to quarantine

In the event of a virus or malware detection, the website requested from the web server and/or the transferred data and files are moved into quarantine. The affected file can be be restored via the Quarantine Manager if it is of informative value or - if necessary - sent to the Avira Malware Research Center.


The website requested from the web server and/or the data and files that were transferred are forwarded on by WebGuard to your web browser.

This could allow viruses and unwanted programs to access your computer system. Only select the Ignore option in exceptional cases.

Buttons and links

Button / link


With this link - and with an active Internet connection - you can access an Internet page with further information on this virus or unwanted program.

This page of the online help is opened via this button or link.