AntiVir Premium Overview :: How to...?

Activate product

To activate Avira AntiVir Premium, you have the following options:

To activate Avira AntiVir Premium with a full license, you need a valid activation key, which holds data of the license you have purchased. You have received the activation key from us either by email or it has been printed on the product packaging.

Avira AntiVir Premium is activated with an automatically generated evaluation license, with which you can test the Avira AntiVir Premium with its complete range of function for a limited period of time.

For product activation or for a test license you need an active Internet link.
If no connection can be established to the servers of Avira GmbH, please check the settings of the firewall used: Connections via the HTTP protocol and Port 80 (web communication), and via the encryption protocol SSL and port 443 are used for product activation. Make sure that your firewall does not block incoming and outgoing data. First of all check whether you can access web pages with your web browser.

This is the way to activate the AntiVir Premium:

 If you have not installed Avira AntiVir Premium yet:

= Activation with a valid full license

= Activation with an evaluation license

If you have installed Avira AntiVir Premium already: