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Quarantine: Handling quarantined files (*.qua)

To handle quarantined files:

If you want to see more information on a file:

If you want to rescan a file:

Scanning a file is recommended if the Avira AntiVir Premium virus definition file has been updated and a false positive report is suspected. This enables you to confirm a false positive with a rescan and restore the file.

To delete a file:

If you want to upload the file to a Avira Malware Research Center web server for analysis:

In the following cases, analysis by the Avira Malware Research Center is recommended:
Heuristic hits (Suspicious file):
During a scan, a file has been classified as suspicious by AntiVir Premium and moved to Quarantine: Analysis of the file by the Avira Malware Research Center has been recommended in the virus detection dialog box or in the report file generated by the scan.
Suspicious file:
You consider a file to be suspicious and have therefore moved this file to Quarantine, but a scan of the file for viruses and malware is negative.  
False positive:
You assume that a virus detection is a false positive: AntiVir Premium reports a detection in a file, which is very unlikely to have been infected by malware.

The size of the files you upload is limited to 20 MB uncompressed or 8 MB compressed.

You can only upload one file at a time.

You can also restore the files in Quarantine: