Production information :: Licensing

In order to be able to use Avira AntiVir Premium, you require a license. You thereby accept the license conditions of Avira AntiVir Premium.

The license is provided in the form of an activation key. The activation key is a letter and figure code which you will receive after purchasing Avira AntiVir Premium . The activation key contains the exact data of your license, i.e. which programs have been licensed for which period of time.

The activation key will be sent to you by email, if you have purchased AntiVir Premium on the Internet or it is rendered on the product packaging.

In order to license your program, please enter your activation key to activate Avira AntiVir Premium. The product activation may be carried out during installation. However, you can also activate Avira AntiVir Premium after the installation by running Control Center under Help::License management .

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