Scanner :: Luke Filewalker

During an on-demand scan, the status window Luke Filewalker appears, which provides you with exact information on the status of the scan.

If the option interactive is selected in the configuration of the Scanner in the group Action for concerning files, you are asked what is to be done with a detected virus or unwanted program. If the option automatic is selected, any detections are shown in the report of the Scanner.

Luke Filewalker

Displayed information


There are different status messages:


Last object

Name and path of the file that is being scanned or was last scanned.

Last detection

There are various messages for the last detection:


Scanned files

Number of scanned files.

Scanned directories

Number of scanned directories.

Scanned archives

Number of scanned archives.

Time elapsed

Duration of the on-demand scan.


Percentage of scan already completed.


Number of detected viruses and unwanted programs.

Suspicious files

Number of files reported by the heuristics.


Number of messages about errors that occurred during the scan.

Scanned objects

Number of objects scanned.

Hidden objects

Number of hidden objects detected.

Buttons and links

Button / link


With this link - and with an active Internet connection - you can access an Internet page with further information on this virus or unwanted program.

This page of the online help is opened via this button or link.


The scan process is stopped.


The scan will be interrupted and can be continued by clicking on the button Resume.


The interrupted scan will be continued.


The Scanner is closed.


The report file of the scan will be shown.