Set Service Settings


First of all you have to prepare the policy you want to deploy.


If there are no files in the list, then you can either create an empty file by pressing the New button or add an existing file by pressing the Add button.


Then highlight the file in the list and press the Edit button to open DeviceLock Service Settings Editor. DeviceLock Service Settings Editor is used for creating and modifying external XML files with settings, permissions, audit and shadowing rules for DeviceLock Service. 


When you make any policy changes (change parameters, set permissions, define white lists, etc.) in the XML file passed to the editor by the plug-in, DeviceLock Service Settings Editor automatically saves them to this file. As soon as you finish modifying the policy just close DeviceLock Service Settings Editor and return to the plug-in's settings dialog box.


When finished modifying the policy, select its file by enabling the checkmark near by the file's name in the list. Then press the OK button to close the configuration dialog box.