Add/Edit Pattern Group Dialog Box


Use the Add Pattern Group or Edit Pattern Group dialog box to create or edit a custom Pattern content group.


Pattern groups let you control access to text data using patterns of text described by Perl regular expressions. Patterns provide a flexible and powerful way to automatically detect potentially sensitive content (for example, credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers) within text data.


The Add Pattern Group or Edit Pattern Group dialog box contains the following elements:



Specifies the name of the group. 



Specifies a description for the group.



Use Expression to create a regular expression. For information on how to create Perl regular expressions, refer to the Perl regular expressions quick start tutorial and Perl regular expressions tutorial.



Checks regular expression syntax.



Performs the actual validation on the potential matches returned by the regular expression.  



Specifies conditions for firing rules associated with this content group. You can select any of the following options:



Count identical matches as one match 

Combines duplicate matches returned by the regular expression into a single match. To do so, select the Count identical matches as one match check box.



Use Advanced to quickly test your regular expression pattern on sample data. Click Advanced to display or hide the Test sample box. 


Test sample

Use Test sample to enter a test string and view the result. DeviceLock supports real-time color highlighting of test results. All matches are highlighted in green, while strings that do not match the pattern are highlighted in red.