You may assign credentials to individual computers and/or to network domains. To add credentials, use the Set item. To delete alternative credentials, use the Clear item.


Credentials consist of a user name and password pair used to authenticate the computers processed. By default, DeviceLock Enterprise Manager uses your currently logged on credentials to automatically log in and process the target computer(s). If the current logged-in user credentials do not have administrative rights on all of the target computers, you need to enter alternate credentials. DeviceLock Enterprise Manager will use these alternate credentials to automatically login to the target computers.


In all cases, credentials are stored with encryption techniques and are not available to anyone except the user with administrative privileges.


Press the Add button to add new credentials. To change existing credentials, highlight the record in the list and press the Change button.


To delete credentials, highlight the record in the list and press the Delete button. Using Ctrl and/or Shift you can highlight and remove several records simultaneously.

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