Media White List


The media white list allows you to uniquely identify a specific CD/DVD/BD-ROM disk by the data signature and authorize read access to it, even when DeviceLock Service has otherwise blocked optical drives.


The media white list can be configured to grant access to a collection of approved CD/DVD/BD-ROM disks by certain users and groups, so that only authorized users are able to use the approved information.


Any change to the content of the media will change the data signature, thus invalidating authorization. If the user copies the authorized media without any changes in the original content (byte-to-byte copy) then such a copy is accepted as the authorized media.


NOTE: Access to white listed media can be granted only on the type (Optical Drive) level. If the CD/DVD/BD drive plugs into the port (USB or FireWire) and access to this port is denied, then access to the white listed media is denied too.


Two steps are required to authorize media:


1. Add the media to the media database, making it available for adding to the white list.


2. Add the media to the white list for the specified user/group. In effect, this designates the media as authorized and allows it (read access) for this user/group at the type (Optical Drive) level.


To define a media white list, select Manage or Manage Offline from the context menu available with a right mouse click. Alternatively, you can press the appropriate button on the toolbar.


In the Media Database list at the top of the dialog box, you can see all media that were added to the database.


Once media are added from the database to the white list of a certain user, they become authorized media for which access control is disabled when this user is logged in.


You can add media to the Media White List in two steps:


1. Select a user or user group for which this media should be allowed.


Press the Add button under the Users list to add the user/group. To delete the record from the Users list, press the Delete button.


2. Select the appropriate media record in the Media Database list and press the Add button.


To enable auditing and alerting for the white listed media according to settings defined in Auditing, Shadowing & Alerts (for the Optical Drive device type), select the Allow Audit as Type check box.


To edit a media's description, select the appropriate record in Media White List and press the Edit button.


Press the Delete button to delete a selected media's record (use Ctrl and/or Shift to select several records simultaneously).


To save the media white list to an external file, press the Save button, then select the name of the file.


To load a previously saved white list, press the Load button and select a file that contains the list of medias.


If you need to manage the media database, you can press the Media Database button and open the appropriate dialog box.


NOTE: Using the media white list you can only allow read access to authorized media. It is impossible to authorize media for writing.