Plug-ins: Install Service


The Install Service plug-in installs or updates DeviceLock Service on computers.


NOTE: Only the built-in administrator account can be used to perform a remote installation of DeviceLock Service on computers running Windows Vista or a later version of Windows. In a Windows Active Directory environment, only members of the Domain Admins group can perform a remote installation of DeviceLock Service. Administrator privileges are required to connect to DeviceLock Service via DeviceLock Management Console. For more information, refer to Microsoft's article.


Before you can use this plug-in, you should specify the directory that contains all of the files needed for installation (such as DeviceLock Service.msi, DeviceLock Service x64.msi, DLRemoteInstaller.exe, and InstMsiW.exe). You can do this by pressing the Settings button below the plug-ins list on the Scan Network dialog box.