Content-Aware Rules


Content-Aware Rules extend the basic port/device access control functionality of DeviceLock by adding comprehensive, file-level protection of corporate documents containing confidential company information. Content-Aware Rules enable automatic content inspection of data copied to external storage devices, detection of sensitive content and enforcement of regulatory policies to ensure protection.


With Content-Aware Rules, you can selectively allow or deny access to specific file content regardless of preset permissions at the device type - level. You can also use Content-Aware Rules to allow or deny shadow copying of specific content. For flexibility, Content-Aware Rules can be defined on a per-user or per-group basis.


You can configure Content-Aware Rules to apply to access control operations, to shadow copy operations, or both. 


NOTE: You can define different online vs. offline Content-Aware Rules for the same user or sets of users. Online Content-Aware Rules (Regular Profile) apply to client computers that are working online. Offline Content-Aware Rules (Offline Profile) apply to client computers that are working offline. By default, DeviceLock works in offline mode when the network cable is not connected to the client computer. For more information on DeviceLock offline policies, see "DeviceLock Security Policies (Offline Profile)."


Right-click Content-Aware Rules  to display the following commands:











Users or groups to which Content-Aware Rules apply are displayed under Content-Aware Rules.  When you delete a user or group, the rule associated with this user or group is automatically deleted. To delete the rule, right-click the user or group to which the rule is applied, and then click Delete user.