Offline mode detection


Use this dialog box to define the network characteristics that DeviceLock uses to detect its connection state (whether it is online or offline). By default, DeviceLock works in offline mode when the network cable is not connected to the client computer. 


You can choose any of the following options:



Best Practice: The most reliable way to secure client/server communication is to use DeviceLock Certificate authentication. For client/server certificate authentication, the public key must be installed on client computers, while the private key must be installed on DeviceLock Enterprise Server(s). If the certificate (the public key) is installed only on client computers, the server will reject connections and client computers will work in offline mode. If the certificate (the private key) is installed only on DeviceLock Enterprise Server, the server and the client will authenticate each other once a connection is established though this type of authentication is less secure than certificate-based authentication.