Search Server Licenses


License Information


If you've purchased a license for Search Server, you should load this license into DeviceLock Content Security Server.


The Search Server licensing model is based on the number of log entries to be indexed for full-text search. Each license allows Search Server to index 1,000 entries from the shadow logs (Shadow Log and Deleted Shadow Log), and 5,000 entries from every other log (Audit Log, Server Log, and Monitoring Log). Depending on the actual number of log entries on your DeviceLock Enterprise Servers, you can purchase as many licenses as required. If you use several licenses for Search Server, it can index as many log entries as the combined licenses allow. The trial period for DeviceLock Content Security Server is 30 days. During the trial period, Search Server can index 2,000 entries from the shadow logs and 10,000 entries from every other log.


To load the license, click the Load License(s) button and select the license file.


You can load several license files in series - one by one. 


After you have successfully loaded your license files, you can view the license information summary where Total license(s) displays the total number of purchased licenses while Used license(s) displays the number of licenses currently in use for indexing of textual log data on DeviceLock Enterprise Server.