Select Computer


Use this dialog box to select the computer you want to manage.


You can simultaneously connect to DeviceLock Service, DeviceLock Enterprise Server and DeviceLock Content Security Server even if they are running on different computers.


Specify the remote computer name or IP address you want to connect to in the Another computer parameter. To browse for available computers in your network, use the Browse button.


To connect DeviceLock Management Console to the computer where DeviceLock Service, DeviceLock Enterprise Server or DeviceLock Content Security Server was configured using a fixed port, you should specify this port in square brackets next to the computer name, e.g. \\computer_name[port number]. By default, DeviceLock Service and DeviceLock Enterprise Server are using 9132 and 9133 TCP ports thereafter. 


To connect to the local computer, use the Local computer option.


Press the OK button to connect to the selected computer.


NOTE: Make sure that the remote computer you've selected to connect to is accessible from the computer where DeviceLock Management Console is running. The remote computer must work under a DeviceLock-compatible OS (Windows NT 4.0 SP6 and later). It must have a functioning TCP/IP protocol. In case a firewall (including built-in Windows Firewall) is installed on the remote computer, it must be properly configured to allow connection with DeviceLock Service, DeviceLock Enterprise Server and/or DeviceLock Content Security Server.


DeviceLock Service automatically adds itself to the exception list of Windows Firewall.