DeviceLock Licenses


License Information


If you've purchased a license for DeviceLock, you should load this license into DeviceLock Enterprise Server.


DeviceLock Enterprise Server handles only the licensed number of DeviceLock Services. For example, if you have a license for 100 computers but there are 101 DeviceLock Services working in your network, DeviceLock Enterprise Server will work with only first 100 DeviceLock Services and ignore the remaining one.


To load the license, press the Load License(s) button and select the license file.


You can load several license files in series - one by one.


After you have successfully loaded your license files, you can view the license information summary where Total license(s) displays the total number of purchased licenses while Used license(s) displays the number of licenses currently in use for collection of audit, shadowing and monitoring data on DeviceLock Enterprise Server.


If there are no valid licenses loaded, DeviceLock Enterprise Server works in the trial mode and can handle only two DeviceLock Services. 


NOTE: If a computer with DeviceLock Service leaves the network, DeviceLock Enterprise Server will handle its replacement only after a restart or after 6 hours.