Alerts Settings Dialog Box: Delivery retry parameters Tab


Use the Delivery retry parameters tab in the Alerts Settings dialog box to configure alert delivery failure parameters.


The Delivery retry parameters tab contains the following elements:


Delivery retry count

Specifies the maximum number of times DeviceLock attempts to send an alert if the first delivery attempt fails. If the first delivery attempt fails, the alert is deferred to the queue and marked as having had one delivery attempt. Thereafter, each time the queued alert is sent and delivery fails, the number of attempts is incremented. 


This parameter must contain a value between 0 and 999. The default value is 3 retries.


When the delivery retry count is reached and delivery fails, DeviceLock logs an error in the Audit Log ("%Channel_name% for alerts is unavailable and temporary disabled due to error: %error_code% - %error_description%") and temporarily stops further transmissions through the alert delivery channel (SNMP and/or SMTP).


DeviceLock will automatically attempt to re-establish connection with the specified SNMP or SMTP server when checking its connection state (whether it is online or offline). If the connection is restored, DeviceLock resumes sending alerts. 


Different values of this parameter are used for regular and offline profiles.


Delivery retry interval: seconds

Specifies how many seconds DeviceLock waits before it attempts next delivery of the alert, if the previous delivery failed. This parameter must contain a value between 10 and 3600.The default value is 600 seconds.


Keep in queue: hours

Defines the amount of time in hours undelivered alerts are kept in the queue for delivery before they are deleted. The same queue is used for all delivery channels (SNMP and/or SMTP). This parameter must contain a value between 1 and 999. The default value is 1 hour. This parameter can be specified only for the regular profile. The same value of this parameter is used for both profiles (regular and offline).