DeviceLock Enterprise Server View


Expand the DeviceLock Enterprise Server item to get access to all of a server's functions and configuration parameters.


There is a context menu available by a right mouse click on the DeviceLock Enterprise Server item:


- Connect - connects to any computer that you specify.


- Reconnect - connects to the currently connected computer once again.


- Connect to Last Used Server at Startup - check this flag to instruct DeviceLock Management Console to automatically connect to the last used server each time console starts up.


- Certificate Generation Tool - runs the special tool that allows you to generate DeviceLock Certificates. 


- DeviceLock Signing Tool - runs the special tool that allows you to grant users temporary access to requested devices and sign XML files with DeviceLock Service settings. 


- About DeviceLock - displays the dialog box with information about the DeviceLock version and your licenses.