Anti-keylogger View


These parameters allow you to tune up DeviceLock's ability to detect hardware keyloggers and to define what DeviceLock Service should do when a keylogger is found. Use the context menu available by a right mouse click on every parameter.


- Treat any USB hub as keylogger - if enabled, instructs DeviceLock Service to treat any external USB hub to which the keyboard is connected as a hardware keylogger. Otherwise, DeviceLock Service detects only those hub keyloggers that exist in its internal database.


- PS/2 keyboard scrambling - allows you to prevent PS/2 keyloggers from recording keystrokes. DeviceLock Service is unable to detect PS/2 keyloggers and notify users about their presence but it obfuscates PS/2 keyboard's input and forces PS/2 keyloggers (if any) to record some garbage instead of the real keystrokes. NOTE: When PS/2 keyboard scrambling is enabled while working with the PS/2 KVM switch, the switching between computers will not work from the keyboard.


- Notify user - allows you to define a custom message to be displayed to users when DeviceLock Service detects hardware USB keyloggers.


- Log event - if enabled, instructs DeviceLock Service to write an event to the audit log when the hardware USB keylogger is detected.


- Block keyboard - if enabled, instructs DeviceLock Service to block the keyboard connected to the hardware keylogger when it is detected.