Audit Log Viewer (Server)


The audit log viewer allows you to retrieve the audit log stored on DeviceLock Enterprise Server.


DeviceLock Enterprise Server stores audit records received from a remote computer, only if DeviceLock Log or Event & DeviceLock Logs is selected in the Audit log type parameter in Service Options on that computer. Otherwise, audit records are stored in the local Windows event logging subsystem of the remote computer and can be viewed using the service's audit log viewer.


There is not much difference between the service's audit log viewer and the server's audit log viewer, so first read the Audit Log Viewer (Service) section of this manual.


In comparison with the service's audit log viewer, the server's viewer has the following additional columns:





To refresh the list, select Refresh from the context menu available by clicking the right mouse button or by pressing the appropriate button on the toolbar.


To clear all records from this log, select Clear from the context menu or press the appropriate button on the toolbar.


To define a maximum log size and instruct DeviceLock Enterprise Server regarding what it should do if the audit log becomes full, select Settings from the context menu available with a right mouse click.