Encryption View


DeviceLock Service can detect disks (USB flash drives and other removable media) encrypted by third-party products and apply special "encrypted" permissions to them.


This feature allows you to define more flexible access control policies and helps to prevent writing sensitive data to unencrypted media.


Currently DeviceLock supports these third-party products for encrypting data on the removable storage devices:


- DriveCrypt


- Lexar JD SAFE S3000 and Lexar JD SAFE S3000 FIPS


- Lexar™ SAFE PSD S1100


- PGP® Whole Disk Encryption


- SafeDisk


- SafeGuard


- TrueCrypt


- Windows BitLocker To Go


- Mac OS X FileVault


NOTE: DeviceLock doesn't ship with third-party encryption products and doesn't require them for its own functioning.  The integrated functioning of DeviceLock and a third-party encryption product will only work when the third-party product is properly installed, configured and running on the same computer where DeviceLock Service is running.