DeviceLock lets you create reports using data from logs stored on DeviceLock Enterprise Server. Use reports to arrange and display statistical data on a user's device- and protocol-related activities in a separate file. When generating a report, you can define report parameters to filter the data and display the information that is relevant to you. For example, you can specify the start and end date and time of the report period for which data is displayed. 


Reports can be created, automatically sent to you via e-mail, stored, exported to a variety of formats and shared with others. 


DeviceLock comes with a set of predefined report templates that you can use to create new reports. These predefined templates are displayed in the console tree, under DeviceLock Enterprise Server, Reports.


NOTE: You can create only those reports that are based on the predefined templates. You cannot modify the predefined report templates or create your own custom reports. 


There are two categories of report templates: 




NOTE: When you upgrade DeviceLock from version 7.0 to a new one, the previously generated reports are automatically updated with the new name. The name of the Allowed & Denied access requests per device type reports changes to Allowed & Denied access requests per channel. The name of the Allowed vs. Denied device access reports changes to Allowed vs. Denied access requests. The name of the Copied files per device type reports changes to Copied files per channel.


Right-click Reports to display the following commands: