Allowed vs. Denied access requests


This report shows the total number of allowed and denied access requests sent through all data transmission channels (devices and/or protocols). The report consists of three sections: the Report Header, Report Parameters, and Report Results.


The Report Header section contains the report title that appears at the very beginning of the report. The report title shows the report type.


The Report Parameters section contains information on the report parameters you specify when generating the report. This information includes:






The Report Results section contains a table and a pie chart that show detailed results of the report. The table has the following rows: 





The pie chart represents the report results in percentages. 



Right-click Allowed vs. Denied access requests  in the console tree to display the following commands:





When you select Allowed vs. Denied access requests in the console tree, in the details pane you can view report execution information regarding all reports based on this template. Report execution information includes the following: 







        • The report is not included in the e-mail delivery.


           - OR -


        • The report included in the e-mail delivery did not reach all of the intended recipients.


If an error occurs during the e-mail delivery of a report, you can use Server Log Viewer to determine the reason. If your computer has anti-virus or anti-spam software installed and running and an error occurs during the e-mail delivery of a report, the error information may not be reported in the DeviceLock Enterprise Server log. This behavior occurs because anti-virus and anti-spam products, for example, Symantec Norton AntiVirus, can automatically intercept e-mail traffic.



       • Click the error report to display the error message.


           - OR -


       • Use Server Log Viewer. 



Right-click a report in the details pane to display the following commands: