DeviceLock Content Security Server View


DeviceLock Content Security Server is a new optional component of DeviceLock. It includes Search Server which provides full-text searching of logged data stored on DeviceLock Enterprise Server. These search capabilities  make it easier and more efficient  to manage the increasing amount of data in DeviceLock Enterprise Server databases.


DeviceLock Content Security Server includes the following features:




You can use full-text searches to find data that you cannot find by filtering data in the log viewers. The full-text search functionality is especially useful in situations when you need to search for shadow copies of documents based on their contents.


Expand DeviceLock Content Security Server to get access to all of a server's functions and configuration parameters.


Right-click DeviceLock Content Security Server to display the following commands:


- Connect - connects to the computer running DeviceLock Content Security Server.


- Reconnect - connects to the currently connected computer once again.


- Connect to Last Used Server at Startup - click this command to instruct DeviceLock Management Console to automatically connect to the last used server each time the console starts up.


- Certificate Generation Tool - runs the special tool that allows you to generate DeviceLock Certificates. 


- DeviceLock Signing Tool - runs the special tool that allows you to grant users temporary access to requested devices and sign XML files with DeviceLock Service settings. 


- About DeviceLock - displays the dialog box with information about the DeviceLock version and your licenses.