Setting manual hook mode

Setting manual interception mode

In this window the manual interception mode settings are set.

The list of intercepted addresses consists of entries setting a correspondence between a program's port, a server's address and a server's port. The list can be edited.


The program's port numbers in the list must begin with 7000 and follow in ascending order.


If you switch from the automatic to the manual interception mode, then it is also necessary to adjust the mail client's settings. Enter “localhost” in the incoming and outgoing mail server address fields and change ports to the corresponding SpiDer Mail ports. E.g. if a server and port 110 are set to SpiDer Mail port 7000 then the mail client's settings must be as follows: incoming mail server – localhost, port – 7000.

For more details on the settings specified in this window click the corresponding area of the window in the picture.