Dialog Box Requesting the User to Select an Action

This window is opened if the Guard detects an infected or suspicious object, if in the program’s settings the reaction is set to inform.

The set of accessible buttons depends on the type of virus event and the type of infected object (for archives, mail files and file containers some reactions are inaccessible).

The Cure button (accessible only if a supposedly curable virus is found, and is inaccessible for archives of any type) instructs the Guard to cure the object infected by a known virus. If the virus is incurable, or the curing fails, the window will open again with options for incurable viruses.

The Delete button instructs to delete the infected or suspicious file (for boot sectors no actions will be taken). With the default settings, it is inaccessible for all types of archives.

The Rename button instructs to rename the extension of the infected or suspicious file according to the default settings.

The Move button instructs to move the infected or suspicious file to the default quarantine folder.

The Lock button instructs to block access to a file after checking which the Guard has reacted. Access to the file is unblocked after the computer restarts or if SpIDer Guard is temporarily suspended.

The Ignore button instructs to abstain from any action if a suspicious object is found.