Scan Options Tab

Scan Options Tab

In this pane the scan mode of files and processes of the protected computer is set.

In the On-access scan mode option group you can set up what actions with files require scanning "on-the-fly".

By default, the Smart mode is selected. In this mode files and boot sectors of the computer's hard drives are scanned only if an attempt to create a file, or to write a record to an existing file (a boot sector) is traced, the files and boot sectors of removable devices are also scanned if they are opened for reading or launching a program. Files of launched processes are also scanned. This mode is recommended after a thorough scanning of all hard drives by Dr.Web Scanner for Windows. With this mode activated the penetration of new viruses into a computer via removable devices will be excluded, and knowingly "clean" objects will not be scanned repeatedly.

Or you can enable the Other mode. In this case by selecting the Run and open files check box you activate checking of all files and boot sectors opened for reading and launching a program. Selecting the Create and write files check box enables checking of attempts to create files or to write a record to existing files. With the help of these check boxes you can individually set the level of your computer's protection. The two check boxes selected at the same time provide for the maximum level of protection, but considerably increase the load on the computer.

By default, the enhanced protection mode is enabled. In this mode SpIDer Guard immediately checks all files, the scanning of which is specified in the program’s settings, and all other opened files are put on the queue for check (files opened for reading in the Smart and Create and write files modes). With computer resources available, the Guard will also check these files.To disable this mode select the Disable enhanced protection mode check box.

For more details on the settings specified in this pane click the correspondent fragment of the window in the picture.

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