Exclusions Tab

Exclusions Tab

In this pane folders and files to be excluded from checking are specified.

In the Folders and files to exclude field the list of folders and files to be excluded from scanning can be set. These can be the quarantine folder of the anti-virus, some program folders, temporary files (swap files), etc.

To add a file, folder or mask to the list type its name into the entry field and click Add.  To enter an existing file name or folder you can click the button to the right and select the object in a standard file browsing window.

When you specify names of folders or files using special characters ? and *, select the Allow wildcards check box.

To add files without entering paths to them into the list, select the Allow relative file names check box.

To remove a file or folder from the list select it in the list and click Remove.

For more details on the settings specified in this pane click the correspondent fragment of the window in the picture.

To view parameters set at another tab click the name of this tab.