Dr.Web System Requirements

The Scanner (GUI-version and console version for Windows) and SpIDer Guard components can be run on computers operated by Microsoft® Windows® 95/98/Me or Windows® NT(SP6a)/2000(SP2)/XP/2003/Vista.SpIDer Mail, SpIDer Agent, SpIDer Gate, as well as Parental control can be run on computers operated by Microsoft® Windows® 2000(SP2)/XP/2003/Vista.


SpIDer Guard can run under 32-bit systems only.


Operation under Windows 95 is possible only starting from Windows 95 OSR2 (v.4.00.950B). You may also need to download certain system components from the Microsoft web-site and install them. The program will notify you about the components required and provide direct links.


The Scanner for DOS operates under MS-DOS or in Windows command line mode.


Minimum system requirements are similar to those for the corresponding OS’s. However, SpIDer Guard requires at least 32 MB of RAM for proper operation. Also, the PC must fully support i80386 processor command system.


You should install all critical updates recommended by the OS developer. If the OS is no longer supported by its manufacturer, then you should upgrade to a newer OS.


Before installing Dr.Web, you should uninstall all other anti-virus packages from the computer to avoid possible incompatibility with their resident components.