Load Modes of SpIDer Guard

Load Modes of SpIDer Guard

After installation the anti-virus is launched automatically at each operation system's start according to its standard settings. However you can cancel the automatic load mode of SpIDer Guard and run it manually.

To disable SpIDer Guard's automatic load:

1. Click Control in the context menu of the the SpIDer Guard item in the SpIDer Agent context menu.


Only users with administrator rights are allowed to access the Control panel.


2. In the Control pane under Load mode, click Manual load mode.

3. Click OK.

At the next Windows starts the program will not be loaded automatically. If necessary, it can be loaded manually, by clicking Load in the pane described above. The guard started in the Manual load mode can be terminated by clicking Unload.

For more details on the settings specified in this pane click the correspondent fragment of the window in the picture.