The section explains how to set the anchor attribute for a CS object type.

The anchor attribute is the attribute which uniquely defines an object type. Operations which update and/or change object information need to have an anchor set so that the object being modified can be located in FIM and then updated.To do this, first create the definition attribute (i.e. username) then map it to a function/parameter. Then set this function/parameter to be a defining parameter.Prerequisites to set an anchor attribute

Prerequisites to set an anchor attribute

  • An existing configuration file such as user-export-replace. See How to Configure a User Replace Operation.

  • The attribute that will be made an anchor must already be mapped to a function/parameter.

To set an anchor attribute
  1. Select the operation where the attribute is mapped, i.e. "user.replace", and click Edit quick action button to launch the "Add Edit Operation Wizard" .

  2. Select the mapped function, i.e. "BAPI_USER_CHANGE" function and click the Edit button. This will open the Edit Function Properties form. When opened select the username parameter (as shown below) and click Edit. This will open the Add Edit Parameter Properties from.

  3. Check the Parameter Defines the object check box.