When defining operations for an Object Type in an ERP MA Configuration you will need to add one or more remote functions to be called as part of the execution sequence to manipulate the remote ERP object. The steps below show how to add a remote function to an operation.

For this example we will add the function BAPI_USER_DELETE' to the operation USER.DELETE in to configure a delete user operation.

To add a function to a configuration
  1. First select the Operation you want to add the new function to, then click Edit action button. The "Add or Edit Operation Wizard" dialog box is displayed.

  2. Click the Add button to search and select the function to be added. The "Select Functions" dialog box is displayed. Type in the name or partial name of the function to search for, then click search (Note: wildcard characters * are allowed). You will then be presented with a list of functions that matches in the lower list. Highlight the function and click OK.

  3. The new function will be added to the operation.

The method outlines above is one of a few ways to add functions to a configuration; which is querying the remote server and adding existing function(s). There are two other methods for adding function to a configuration.

This is acheived by changing the search source. The search source can be changed by selecting the corresponding radio button at the top of the "Select Functions' dialog labeled "Functions to Display".