SAP roles are a (two dimensional) table structure; a user has multiple roles, and each role has multiple attributes. The ERP MA considers this to be a complex type, meaning the data cannot be treated as simple value type (i.e. string, number, etc) nor a list of simple types. The ERP MA handles complex types by serializing the entire structure as an Xml string.

Prerequisites to configure the ERP MA to handle roles

  • An existing configuration such as user-export-replace. For more information, see How To Configure a Replace User Operation.

  • A roles attribute have been created in FIM as type string.

  • The role management BAPI have been added to active configuration.

To configure ERP MA to handle roles
  1. In the configuration file, map the CS attribute directly to the complex function/parameter (i.e. to the structure and not to a field on the structure.) At runtime the ERP MA will then detect that this is not a simple type that can be retrieved in a straight-forward way and serialize the structure to Xml string.

  2. You will also need to configure a runtime check condition for the BAPIs used to manage role to ensure that the BAPI's do not run if role data is not supplied and/or if they've not been changed.

  3. Below is a sample serialized xml. This sample shows two assigned roles for a user. To see what the exact structure will be for you SAP environment, it's recommended that you first run and import and observe the structure/field-names.

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    	<AGR_TEXT>Employee Self-Service (HR)</AGR_TEXT>
    	<AGR_TEXT>Employee Self-Service (LO)</AGR_TEXT>
    To consume this xml string, the consumer will need to implement a facility to parse/read/modify this xml string (such as an MV Extension).