The terms defined below are used throughout the ERP MA documentation.

SAP Terminology

  • BAPI (Business Applications Programming Interface) – a function that performs a specific operation inside the SAP environment

  • InfoTypes – structures used as parameters to BAPIs

  • RFC (Remote Function Call) – a method for accessing a BAPI from another computer via the network

  • SAP Connector for Microsoft .NET 2.0 – a managed component from SAP that enables RFC to BAPIs on an SAP application server

ERP MA Terminology

  • Function – BAPI to call.

  • Parameter – input or output of function

  • Structure – unit of data aggregation that can be a parameter to a BAPI being called.

  • Field – single value that can be part of a structure or used as a parameter.

  • MA operations – import, export, password.

  • CS Schema – a DSML formatted file containing the description of object types and attributes for connector space entries in FIM.

  • ERP MA Configuration Tool – UI used to create the CS schema file, assembly, and configuration xml required to run the ERP MA.

  • DSML format – an xml file format used to describe schema information, such as classes, attributes, etc for FIM.